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Duck Pond / Hello!
« on: February 04, 2005, 12:32:39 PM »
Hello all! thought i would just post a quicky, to say Welcome to new members (Lag, Serasummit, Zippy and wannabeskilled?) and see what's going on! Not been around much, been playing 'offline' quite a bit recently ;).
Seems 2K4 is dying and UT has come back...again!
Other than that I have nothing useful to say as usual.
Noticed Limp admitted his stupidity somewhere...about bloody time!  :E
Tyf still has his lurrrve affair with some car game, and Vi is gloating about his large packet in Freelancer.
Oh and the platypus died   :bigcry:
When I have been playing online I have been sticking to Battlefield Vietnam, waiting for Battlefield 2. Can't see that working as a clan game very well but it serves my purpose for playing games...it's a bloody good laff!
That is all!  :monkee:

Duck Pond / Milou (Paintball)
« on: October 11, 2004, 01:34:55 PM »
Seeing as Mil showed an interest thought I would post this up here! Might help me remember to sort it!

Tis all about a ikkle paintball outing for me B'Day. Will be in approx. 6 weeks on 20th November (Sat). Would cost 20 squid for half day.

All details here  http://www.dorsetpaintball.co.uk

It's down in Dorset (duh!) near a village called Bere Regis, not too far a drive from Bournemouth.

So if old Mil fancies it, or anyone else who would like to shoot me (not hard at the best of times!) then let me know here or in IRC or whatever then I can start sorting things out. My pre-planning has never been great so I'm trying to get a head start here!

/me wonders if Vi and Shings read the forums!  :p


Duck Pond / Paintball
« on: August 05, 2004, 03:41:13 PM »
Right it seems that in a few months I will be hitting that ripe old age of 30.
Been trying to think of something a little more interesting to do than get pished all day, tempting tho it is...drowning me sorrows and all that!  :lol:

Well only thing I can think of is paintball at the moment. Obviously it's more fun with loadsa people, so I'm posting this just in case anyone fancies it.

It will be around Bournemouth area (that's south south south UK for all you foreigners), so that would obviously be a pain. But if anyone fancied a ikkle holiday, we have a big enough house to put people up!

I will be arranging it anyway with close friends and large family but anyone is welcome, so let me know if you wanna and I can sort details etc.

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